Secureframe is a leading provider of security and compliance automation solutions, helping businesses achieve and maintain standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.


Secureframe's platform automates security compliance management, allowing organizations to focus on core operations while ensuring rigorous security requirements are met.

Chintan Parikh, VP of Engineering has been instrumental in building Secureframe’s core systems. Recently, Secureframe partnered with Cloud9devs for team augmentation, significantly enhancing their engineering capabilities and accelerating product development.






Team Augmentation
Full Stack Development
Ruby on Rails

The Challenge

As Secureframe expanded, its engineering team faced challenges in scaling quickly while maintaining quality:

a. Competitive Hiring Market: Difficulty in rapidly hiring experienced, senior-level full-time engineers in 2021.

b. Need for Speed: Urgent need to scale the engineering team and release new features to stay competitive.

c. Cost Efficiency: High costs of hiring full-time U.S. engineers significantly impact the budget and growth plans.

Product Developed with Our Devs' Assistance

Credibility - Trust Center

Secureframe Trust helps organizations build customer confidence by showcasing their security measures transparently. It streamlines document requests, accelerates RFP responses with AI, and maintains up-to-date security information, enhancing trust and competitive advantage.


Questionnaire Automation

Secureframe automates RFP and security questionnaire responses, saving hundreds of hours. By using machine learning, it streamlines the process, ensuring answers are accurate and up-to-date. 

How it works:

Upload: Questions and answers from RFPs and questionnaires are tagged.

Automate: Machine learning is used to generate precise answers quickly.

Share: Completed RFPs are sent in their original format.
Collaborate: Answers are kept current with in-house SMEs.

This approach helps businesses respond faster, close deals quicker, and focus on growth.


3. Repository - Knowledge Base

Centralized system for managing an organization's security and compliance information. Benefits include:

Central Repository: All security, compliance, and technical knowledge are managed in one place.

Easy Updates: SMEs can keep information up-to-date and attach evidence or policies.

Integration: Questionnaire content is seamlessly updated in the Knowledge Base.

Chrome Extension: Security information is quickly accessible directly from the browser.

This system simplifies management, ensuring accurate, up-to-date security knowledge is always at the organization's fingertips.

Contributions and Impact

Cloud9devs developers integrated seamlessly into Secureframe's team, speeding up project timelines and contributing to product evolution. They participated in regular sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives, acting as key team members.

Measurable Benefits

Speed and Flexibility: Quick scaling of engineering resources.

Cost Savings: Significant savings by hiring European developers, allowing more hires within the same budget.

Quality and Communication: High technical proficiency and alignment with Secureframe’s work culture and communication standards.