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Helping US car owners achieve peace of mind.

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Our job was to design a mobile app and come up with an easy-to-understand installation flow for users.


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Interaction Design

Always be in the known

Do you own multiple cars? Or want to feel safe about family members? We've made sure to make the map experience your first touchpoint. Reaffirmation goes a long way.

Keeptech All cars screen

Merging hard- and software

Our most difficult task was coming up with an easy-to-understand installation flow.

Pairing a mobile phone to Keep Knight was the most important step that let us always indicate the state of proceedings. Users were then able to monitor their installation & always knew what to do next.

Keep Technologies app


A list of deterrent & alarm events was made easy to scan. We enhanced the experience by integrating filters.

All the alarm events were equipped with a video, Call SOS functionality and sharing functionality.

Who doesn't love sharing burglary-that-almost-happened videos? It's one of the main drivers of user engagement and also promotes the product in a non-intrusive way between family & friends.

Keep Technologies Events
Keep Technologies App

Live notifications

Giving users the option to be in the known at all times.

Keep Technologies Notifications

Test mode

In UX the use of sensory appeal is intended to create a more immersive and memorable experience, connecting users to a product, service, or brand.

Keep's Test mode certainly made sure users remembered the product, service and brand.

We introduced a warning screen that allowed users to step away from the car and cover their ears before a 120 dB sound was played. Edited

Keep Technologies Test Mode

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