Helping people make informed decisions and achieve financial peace of mind.


We collaborated with Cashews from Day 1 and helped them with brand development, UI/UX design and mobile app development.


Cashews | Fintech


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Product Design

Connect, Set & Go

Through Plaid integration, users could connect to their bank accounts, set their financial goals and then track their safe spendable amount.

Cashews app

User Flows

Our UX designers were handed the complex task of simplifying the first time user-experience. Hours spent in FigJam resulted in a flow that new users were able to finish in under 2 minutes.

Cashews app flow

Onboarding flow

See the flow in action.

Mobile app design prototype from Cloud9devs.

Using colors

To boost users financial awareness and improve their spending habits. Green is good. Red is bad.

cashews colors

Design system

The foundation that helped us build an attractive app. But more importantly - we were able to ship new features in record time.

Cashews project blur
Cashews project colors
Cashews project buttons

Our impact

cashews golden kitten

Runner Up in Fintech

cashews product of the day

July 30th, 2023

cashews product of the day

June 26th, 2022